WTF: What the FODMAP

Imagine your new life where you don’t have to deal with the pain, discomfort or embarrassment about your digestion and you can finally experience wellness and zip up those skinny jeans. | taught by Danielle Capalino
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Danielle Capalino
Danielle Capalino
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

About the instructor

Danielle is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in New York City, providing nutritional counseling on digestive health. She is also a 2-time best-selling author of Healthy Gut, Flat Stomach (named one of the top 7 wellness books of 2017 by People Magazine) and The Microbiome Diet Plan. Both of these books were published in 2017. Danielle is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.

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What The FODMAP program is a 14-module course with step-by-step videos, where I personally walk you through every step of the FODMAP Elimination plan. This is a program I initiate with my private one-on-one clients, and now I'm bringing it to YOU! Join the WTF: What the FODMAP program TODAY!

Course Contents

15 Videos
22 PDFs

Course Curriculum

Module 3. Be accountable. Write it down. And don't lie when you write it down - Owning your failures is infinitely more valuable then denying them.
Module 4. Who can you trust? Only me. No seriously I'm the only person you should trust.
Module 5. Reading labels is FODMAP-amental.
Module 6. A Message from the first lady. How to "adapt" a recipe without plagiarizing.
Module 7. Fodmap Hack! How to Sneak a snack when hunger attacks!!
Module 8. Finding love in a bottle; Getting tipsy or staying sober the FODMAP way.
Module 9. Mindful Eating: The Meat and Potatoes of a FODMAP lifestyle. Spoiler alert: your welcome, you can eat potatoes.
Module 10: Dining out: Preparing for your inevitable break down and what to do when it happens.
Module 12: FODMAP vs Gluten: Coming soon to a theatre near you. Bonus trailer for upcoming sequel: FODMAP vs Mothra vs Godzilla.
Module 13: FODMAP tools for killer stools. Learning to "look back at it" and why the phrase "Can you believe this shit?" has never felt so good!
Module 14: Life after the elimination goes on! What does your FODMAP future look like?